Gene Calhoun

of Cal-Finn Inc.


I am Calhoun, Gene.  Also known as Cal of Cal-Finn Inc.

I have always loved the OLD VW's,  fixing them up, saving

them from the crusher,  and doing my best to preserve them

has become my passion.  


My best friend, whom I consider a

brother, and I found that we both shared a passion for automobiles,

VW's in particular.  So he and I started Cal-Finn Inc.  In the past

two years we have rescued seven busses from death,  about 20

or 30 beetles from the crusher,  and we are attempting now to

obtain 16 ghias from one man who has chosen to let them become

part of the landscape.  


Finn and I also share a common interest

in daily driving machines, Audi.  I recently purchased a 1958

split window, walk thru, camp mobile type2 which I am beginning

the early stages of restoration on.  

I have a 1980 VW Rabbit convertible

which is my wife's that I am preparing to rewire due to a previous

owners moronic attempt at do-it-yourself wiring (ha ha).  Anyway,

I am just a VW nut any way you slice it.  I am always tinkering with

them and trying to save them whenever possible. 


You can browse through some pictures of his projects at his website:


Thank you to Gene Calhoun for sharing his story and for acting on the love he has for VW's!