Recently, it seems like almost every car company is diversifying, from mergers to adding SUVs and pickup trucks to the lineups. With rumors flying around that Volkswagen and Porsche are getting together to create a Sport Utility Vehicle, one had to see this coming. Volkswagen claims that this pickup truck is an Advanced Activity Concept (AAC). It works on the four door principal with the front for which the front doors must be open for the rear ones to open and close. If produced this will be one of VWs most powerful vehicles ever. A massive V-10 Diesel lurks under the trim hood. It generates 313hp and over 550 lb-ft (750Nm) of torque at an incredibly low 2000rpm. Due to the current exchange rate between the American Dollar and the German Mark, the price should be quite attractive to Americans. The truck is expected to be equipped with 19" 285 tires. Other engines are being planned for this truck to complement the already more-than-potent-enough diesel. Most likely, a petrol powered version will be available by the time of production