History of the Volkswagen Scirocco

During the mid-70's Volkswagen started on the idea of modernising the Scirocco, a new car with increased interior capacity and more shapley exterior streamlining. After many drawing board designs from themselves and external sources, Volkswagen selected a design from their 'in-house- designers. The Mk1 chassis based Mk2 was launched in 1982. It was bigger, smoother, and was available with a choice of 3 engines sizes; 1.3cc,1.6cc and later, the 1.8cc. The 1.8 litre was also available as a Carburettor or fuel injection engine which boasted an increase of power by 22bhp. 1984 saw the addition of a second wiper blade to the front screen, a re-vamped rear spoiler and for higher in the range models, a wheelarch hugging bodykit. The 1.8 litre 16 valve (139bhp) was launched mid '85. The power was later (1987) reduced on European models due to the catalyst. The following year, choice of engine was limited to 1.6 and 1.8 litres, models stayed roughly the same spec up until 1992 when the last production of the Scirocco was seen. Total sales for the Mk2 reached around the 300,000 mark.
Two more GT's
A GTS and a GTX