5-29-2001 Added the history of the Volkswagen Passat. Check it out under the VW Histories on the mainpage.

5-17-2001 Added "Decode your VIN" where you can see what the VIN number of your VW means. Check it out under VW Histories.

5-14-2001 Added flags to represent the countries and states that THotV members represent. Shamless birthday plug and history added..:)

5-9-2001 Redesigned the membership application and changed all the links for it. Merged the sign up form and the Member Profile.

5-2-2001   Designed and posted our very own Website award. We have 4 different awards. The Golden Groovin' Award, The Silver Groovin' Award, the Bronze Groovin' Award and The Groovin' Site Award. Check the bottom of the links section for the 'Apply for our Website Award' button. If you have a site that has something to do with a Volkswagen, Submit it, you never know.

5-1-2001 Changed the links on the non framed version of the site. Added a link to view the non framed version of the site from the framed version. Continually adding members to the member list.


4-29-2001Picture added to the "What have me and my friends been up to lately" link on the main page. Just starting work on the engine tear down of the 1969 VW Beetle Chop Top.


4-26-2001Added a Member's Volkswagen Page! Re-Designed the Framed version of the website! Added this page!


4-24-2001Added 7 new VW commercials. Three Speculation ads and four new ads. GRAND TOTAL of 59 Commercials online!


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