Who are we?


Who is The Home Of The Volkswagen (THotV)?

THotV is a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts whose common bond is the love of a Volkswagen or a VW powered product.

Who can join The Home Of The Volkswagen?

Anyone with a love for any type of VW or VW powered product. You do not even have to own a VW to join.

Are there any benefits to joining The Home Of The Volkswagen?

Yes, The Home Of The Volkswagen members get the luxury of being called a member :), automatically signed up for our list server, if you are not already signed up, that allows you to meet and get to know other members. Plus, get to be involved with one of the faster growing VW organizations around.

What are membership dues?

Membership dues are $0.00, Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nothing, Free for everyone!

Are all memberships local?

No. THotV allows for anyone to join regardless of location.

THotV is a family oriented organization.

Are there any Club Officials? Such as a President, etc..

No! Absolutely not! No Way, Jose! We at THotV do not believe in politics in clubs such as this. We believe in the members being free to express their feelings and not to be made feel like they are but a face in the crowd. Too many times clubs get political and it becomes more of a popularity contest than a club meant to be enjoyed. The members are the livelihood and what makes this website successful. We wish only to bring you a place to meet and share ideas and feelings about the 'Car of the Century' The Volkswagen!

THotV, The only place to be!

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